Client Testimonials

Cindy Korstad was a standout part of our experience selling our home. She is professional, level-headed, and knows every step of the process inside and out. She communicates clearly and is extremely responsive and helpful. We would definitely call her again if we were considering another move in the Portland metro area. 

Jessie Nelson / Seller

We had a wonderful experience with Cindy and we found a house that we truly love and live in for a year now.When we were looking for the house, our 2.5 year old son was touring the houses with us. Cindy was super accommodating for his needs we are also new to the area and noncitizens, so we needed much more information than usual (I'm guessing). Cindy was perfect for us, she had endless knowledge and patience. We recommend her to everyone :) 

Mivsam & Tzahi / Buyer's

Cindy is simply the best! During our relocation process she toured through four different areas in the Portland metro area. Cindy new the streets and neighborhoods better than a GPS.  She guided us during our home search which spanned over a 6 month period. Her experience and knowledge honed in on properties fitting our needs. Cindy was patient with our changing requirements and firm when needed which benefitted the negotiation process. I would highly recommend Cindy and would not hesitate to use her again.

Brian & Sammy / Buyer's

Other reviews about her professionalism are very accurate.  My husband and I, as well as my relatives, were impressed by her genuine work.  The process expertise (accurate, punctual, and profound work) was beyond our expectation.  Simply she did A+ job on selling our house.   My husband and I were so glad that we were able to find a diligent and exceeding professional, Cindy Korstad

Debbie / Seller

From the beginning, Cindy was a dream to work with.  She helped us to sell our first home and was instrumental in buying our new home.  She's very knowledgable and knows the market well when it comes to pricing your home and knowing what to expect when buying in different areas. Unlike our first agent, Cindy really listened to what we wanted in our new home and was right on top of getting us new listings to review as soon as they were on the market (as in, "we're not even an hour old on the market").  She's that good. We purchased a short sale, and she was wonderful about giving us status updates, even if there wasn't much change.  When the bank finally accepted our offer, they only gave us 29 days to close, and Cindy put us in touch with the right people to help us close on time (who were also great to work with, by the way). Cindy is one of those agents who truly and honestly cares about her clients and wants them to have a great buying and/or selling experience, and she'll go the extra mile to make it happen.  I can't recommend her highly enough. Excellent.

Holly & Jim / Buyer's & Seller's

Cindy was an absolute pleasure to work with while selling my condo. She’s easy going, a great listener, and knows the market and area well.  She was always responsive to any questions I had, and provided confident guidance when important decisions came up. I also really liked her marketing materials, which were professional, upscale and looked fantastic.  I would without a doubt use Cindy again in the future!

Blake / Seller

My husband and I wanted someone experienced and trustworthy when we decided to purchase our first home. We had interviews with different realtors but Cindy really stood out because of her experience and her friendly demeanor. We're extremely happy we chose to go with Cindy because we ended up in a home that my husband and I absolutely love. We could not have found this home without Cindy's knowledge and experience. The only reason i gave her process/negotiation skills a 4 stars is because we never really got to see her 'work' and her process.. But overall, I would rate her a 5 star and recommend her to my friends and family.

Jon & Sarah / Buyer's

Cindy Korstad was a great realtor to work with. She took our needs and our wants and really tried to find the right property that fits our criteria. I truly felt that she was really looking out for our best interest instead of a quick sale. I am very happy that me and my wife got to work with such a caring and down to earth realtor.  True professional !!! Thank you for helping us buy our first home!!!

Patrick & Jennifer / Buyer's

Cindy is very customer oriented agent - she is very patient and continued to work with us for long time only to buy one house. She listened to us very well and has been very responsible for any level of our concerning. I highly recommend you to work with her if looking for new agent.

Kiyoshi Oura

Cindy was a fantastic agent! She had a thorough knowledge of the community and the market. I was impressed at how quick she would get back to me when I called and how available she was. I would highly recommend Korstad Real Estate Group to anyone!

Brandon / Seller

Cindy met with us, suggested how we could best show our home, and got it on the market to meet a deadline that we requested.  She had a firm grasp of the current local houses for sale, and what prices would best match against the competition.  She showed the house to one couple, and sold it in ten days! At all times, weekdays, weekends, evenings, Cindy was responsive to our questions and concerns.  She worked with us through some tough decisions, and we could not be happier. We would recommend Cindy to anyone looking to buy or sell on the West side of Portland.

Darrell Robinson / Seller & Buyer

Cindy helped us purchase our first home in the Portland Metro area. The transaction began as a short sale, then became a foreclosure. Dealing with multiple sellers/sellers' agents, the requirements and unusual details of buying bank-owned property was challenging to say the LEAST. Cindy handled every bit of it with grace, professionalism and real know-how. I think the fact that she was referred to us by another realtor is also very telling. A year and a half later we are still amazed at how smoothly and successfully our purchase went-especially when we hear about the many difficulties and delays most people experience with this kind of real estate transaction. We would recommend her to anyone looking to buy any home, property or business!


My husband and I had a great experience purchasing our home with Cindy.  She was very knowledgeable about the area and helped the process go quickly and smoothly.  We looked at many homes over quite few months and she was always patient and happy to show us homes.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a professional yet personable agent.

Ishmael & Kassidy Rivas